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Lesson 15

"The truth is more important than the facts." - Frank Lloyd Wright (1868-1959)


Read first then play the video:

   OEM-VIDEO -Scheduling a database backup


Scheduling a Database backup



As a DBA, you are responsible for scheduling a Database backup for your organization"s database. The following is a summary of your assigned task:


Using the "Backup" tool

Using the Backup Wizard

Specifying a backup date and time

Identifying backup target databases

Submitting a backup job


In this exercise you will learn how to schedule a time to backup one or multiple databases from the "Backup" tool using the Oracle Enterprise Management tool (OEM).

Expand the databases.

Select the DBS4RMAN database.

Go to the "Database Wizards" tools and click on the "Backup" icon to schedule a database backup.

On the "Backup Wizard" window, click next.

Use the "Predefined Backup Strategy" option and click next.

Choose the default backup option and click next.

Specify a backup time and click next.

Identify the database target to be backed up. We are going to use these two databases and click finish.

These are the two target databases.

Click Okay to submit the backup job.

Highlight the "Jobs" item. Notice that there are two jobs for each database. A backup job for the DBS4RMAN database and another job for the SCHOOL database.

These two jobs will backup the entire database with the specified time in the script.