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Lesson 02

"Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis." - Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)


Read first then play the video:

   OEM-VIDEO -Managing Users

Managing Users using OEM



As a DBA, you are responsible for managing an Oracle user account. The following is a summary of your task:



Selecting a target database

Creating an Oracle user

Granting a role to a user

Granting system privileges to a user

Locking a user

Removing a user



Expand the Database item.

Expand the DBS4RMAN database.

Expand the Security item.

Expand the Users item.

Highlight the "Users" item and click on the "Create" icon.

On the Create window, be sure the "User" is selected and then click "Create."

Enter the user ID or the user name.

Select the security type.

Enter password and then confirm it.

Change the Default or Temporary tablespaces if needed.

On the "Role" tab, grant the "Resource" role to the user.

On the "System Privilege" tab, grant the "ALTER ANY TABLE" system privilege to the user.

Click on the "Show SQL" icon to show the SQL statement to generate a user name. Browse into it.

Then, click the Create icon. The user was created successfully.

Here is the user. Browse through its Roles and System Privileges.

Lock the user.

Verify that you want to lock the user. Notice the lock icon next to user.

Click "Right Mouse" and remove the user.

Verify the remove request. The user was gone.