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Lesson 06

"Why don't you write books people can read?" - Nora Joyce to her husband James (1882-1941)


Read first then play the video:

   OEM-VIDEO -Obtaining a database structure


Obtaining a database structure information using OEM



As a DBA, you are responsible for obtaining database structure information. The following is a summary of your task:


Selecting a target database

Obtaining information about Control Files

Obtaining information about Online Redo Log Files

Obtaining information about Archived Redo Log Files



Expand the Database item.

Now, this time expand the SCHOOL database.

Expand the Storage item.

Highlight the "Controlfile" item.

Here is some general information about the SCHOOL controlfiles.

On the "Record Section" tab, you will see the School's controlfile Record Section information.

Highlight the "Redo Log" item

Double click on the current Redo Log file to get more information about the Redo Log file.

Close the window and do the same for the Archive logs item.

All of the archived Log files with the archived date stamp and change number will be displayed.

Double click on the last archived log to display more information about that archived Log.