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The organization is a small educational organization, with small resources, expenses, and budgets but still have big visions, and mission. We are not, however ashamed of the label ‘small;’ rather, we are proud of it.  I once read a commentary about small words and the power they exact in the place of bigger or more complex hackneyed language. In Joseph A. Ecclesine’s literary work Printer’s Ink, Ecclesine insisted that:


When you come right down to it, there is no law that says you have to use big words when you write or talk.
There are lots of small words, and good ones, that can be made to say all the things you want to say, quite as well as the big ones. It may take a lot more time to find them at first. But it can be well worth it, for all of us know what they mean. Some small words, more than you might think, are rich with just the right feel, the right taste, as if made to help you say a thing the way it should be said.
Small words can be crisp, brief, terse -- to the point, like a knife. They have a charm all their own. They dance, twist, turn, sing. Like sparks in the night, they light the way for the eyes of those who read. They are the grace notes of prose. You know what they say the way you know a day is bright and fair -- at first sight. And you find, as you read, that you like they way they say it. ... 
Small words move with ease where big words stand still -- or, worse, bog down and get in the way of what you want to say. There is not much, in all truth, that small words will not say -- and say quite well. 


So there are a lot you can say with small words. You even can do more with small things, for they are not as unwieldy. It humiliates us so we raise our standards. It humbles us so we remember that where we came from. It honors us so we payback to others regardless of where they came from. It is such character that we proud to associate ourselves with it. We are, in essence, small with small things but we can still contribute and accomplish big objectives as well.



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