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"This site is great. The only thing I’d add is it'd be awesome if there was an answer section to the questions at the end. That'd really improve the site, thanks."


"Thanks for the coaching - I was able to follow your course outline one after the other."

"The monthly training has been a big help in building up my understanding on SQL and PL/SQL."

"I have been a student of iSelfSchooling for two years. In that time my confidence and ability in the Oracle DBA has vastly improved - thanks for the help!"

"I'm very satisfied. Your teaching is well prepared concerning daily DBA's problems."

"I graduated from college last year and I found your website’s materials very useful. I hope you had an option to subscribe monthly at too. I found out too late that I had that option on your website ( Thanks you very much!"

“It was great for a beginner like me.”

"Excellent training which really concentrate on making the lessons easy to follow."

"Thank you very much for you great website. It helped a lot and was lots of fun besides."

"The iSelfSchooling hands-on trainings were right on my daily work. Their hands-on has made a lot of things possible for me at work. I had lots of fun as well!"

"I love iSelfSchooling and I think it will be beneficial for people who are changing their job to learn Oracle. I was especially impressed with the hands-on training. Thank you!"

"I am so grateful for your educational website. I think the iSelfSchooling course will be a successful tool for us as instructors to follow your outlines. I use your videos on my class and my students love it."

"Thank you so much for allowing me access to the iSelfSchooling Online Oracle Training. I have taken all the exams and passed them. I have my current job because of you."

"Your Online Oracle Training has helped me understand how to use SQL and PL/SQL. I have also learned how to install Oracle on my PC. Thanks for your fast response to my problems."

“I have enjoyed working on your hands-on training. Although I do have some computer experience, I have learned that Oracle is not something that I want to do for my rest of life. I love your lessons.”

“With your training I have learned PL/SQL. I have learned how and when to use FOR-LOOP statement, etc. Without the skills that I have learned through your website, I would have never been able to comprehend as much as I do now. Before I did not understand what I was doing.”

“Thank you iSelfSchooling for making such student friendly Online Training. “

“I found your lessons easy and fun to follow. They are perfectly suited to adults and youth, and very nicely organized. I have not seen a better Online Oracle tutorial.”

“I enjoy the iSelfSchooling Online Training and your easy-to-learn teaching style. Keep up the good work!”

“Your Online Training has been a big asset to our organization. The language is simple to understand and the lessons are very easy to follow. Thank you!”

“It was hard for me to understand SQL but your FORMS and REPORTS were great. I am not sure that I can do those tasks at my job if I am by myself. Oracle is not for me.”

“The iSelfSchooling online training is by far the best basic Online Oracle Training we have come across!”

“I believe you course guides the user every step of the way in a very comfortable manner.”

“We have found iSelfSchooling Online Training to be of the great benefit to us. We use it as a basic requirement for all of our Oracle staffs. Great job!”

“Each lesson is easy to follow and enjoyable.”

The course training are excellent! We use them primarily in our introductory technology classes to assist us in Oracle. Our teachers love them because our staffs can work at their own pace after the classes are over. They enjoy working using them.”

“Your course provides an excellent computer literacy skills… I highly recommend it.”

“What I like about your online training that I have the flexibility of going over lessons again and again, if necessary, until I ‘get it.’ I like not thinking that I am holding our students back on the class. I like not to miss some information if I have to skip a day of instruction. I like doing these ‘lessons’ at my own speed and at my own pace.”

“I have found your online oracle training to be very beneficial. It provides the ‘hands on’ experience, in actual situations, many programs don’t. I love them!”

“Your lessons are the best Online Oracle training with a reasonable price that I have seen!”

“I tell you. I love it and I am a dummy. Your lessons are ideal for the novice or reluctant computer learner, as it introduces the subject in a clear, non-threatening manner and provides ample opportunity for practice and skills development.”

“On my Computer Institute, we use your outline. Our students really like the way the material is presented and find it very easy to follow.”

“I am very pleased with the content of the SQL, PL/SQL and DBA lessons. Just enough! Not too much to confuse me.”

“Easy to use and very informative. I especially like the test after each small lesson. That helped me to build my confidence and solidify the information in my head. I tutor very early readers and have found this to be very helpful for them.”

“Wow! It does it in a way that even me a true beginner can easily grasp. Bravo!”

“I am hearing impaired and I love your Oracle Database Fundamentals, Backup and Recovery, and Performance Tuning. Since I have a learning disability, this program has also helped me learn the different Oracle terms on the computers. I learn them all and I am a DBA too. Thanks a lot!”

“Thanks a lot!”

“It was great for a dummy like me.”

"I am a college student and I am taking an Oracle class. I love your tutorial materials and it is very comprehensive. I wish that you had monthly subscription on too. I know that one of my classmates was subscribed monthly using your website. Great online tutorial! Thanks."