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 Internet Self Schooling 

We provide the most cost-effective On-Site, Private Training and Consulting, 

no matter how large or small your job is.

-- Online Accounting --


On-Site and Online Accounting:

  • Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping and Accounting services


Financial Accounting Management Information System (FAMIS)

  • PeopleSoft GL, AP, AR, Commitment Control, Hyperion Planning, PSPB, FDMEE, Data Relationship Management (DRM)

  • User Security

  • Vendor File Management

  • Classification Structure Administration

  • Payment Processing (Prelist, Paylist)

  • Journal Processing

  • Administrative Budgeting


Advanced Purchasing and Inventory Control System (ADPICS)

  • Back end for Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Change Orders, Invoices and Generated Vouchers

  • Contracting (components not currently used in ADPICS but managed in Contract Admin System)

  • Inventory Control

  • User Security


Web FMIS (Web FMIS, BPMS, MST Imaging Viewers, Signing Service/App)

  • Administrative Budgeting for all

  • Document Entry and Processing

  • Electronic Invoicing

  • Document Inboxes and workflow

  • Reporting

  • Imaging and Signing

  • Payment Processing


Batch Report Processing

  • Office, Committee and Leadership Reports

  • Month End Ledger Statements

  • Treasury Reporting

  • Disbursing Office Reports


Hyperion Financial statements (EPCRS)

  • Hyperion Financial statements (EPCRS)


On-Site Training:

  • SQL, PL/SQL,

  • Database Administrator

  • Backup and Recovery

  • Performance and Tuning


On-Site Consulting:

  • Oracle installation under UNIX, LINUX, and Windows

  • Database Security, Database Performance and Tuning

  • Database Backup and Recovery Planning

  • Database Customizing

  • Database Enhancing, and Database Troubleshooting



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