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Learn how to write the PHP web page for the World Wide Web

A quick and easy why to write the PHP web page for the World Wide Web

What is PHP and Why?

What is XHTML syntax?

What is PHP Syntax?

How to write a simple PHP print error message line?

What are variables or parameters in PHP and how to use them?

What are Strings, Arrays, and Objects in PHP and how to create an Array?

How to use GET or POST in PHP?

How to debug PHP (debugging PHP)?

How to manually send parameters or data to a web page in PHP?

How to do control structures in PHP?

What is a cookie?

How to read from cookies in PHP?

How to upload a file in PHP?

How to read a file incrementally in PHP?

How to use read or write to Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, or other databases in PHP?

How to call function in PHP?



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