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Oracle 11g New Features (Part I)

Online Oracle Training

LESSON # 01:

You will learn:

How you can list all transactions from online redo log files and archived log files on the Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g. The tool rollbacks transactions using LogMinor to extract DML statements from the redo log files.

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LESSON # 02:

You will learn:

The CONTINUE statement

How you can use the CONTINUE statement to go to the end of the loop and terminate the LOOP statement - examples

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LESSON # 03:

You will learn:

How to create an Oracle database link (dblink) bi-directional. As you know, the Oracle database link is one way in direction. On this lesson, you will see steps to perform bi-directional link from one database to another.

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LESSON # 04:

You will learn:

How to backup a database using the RMAN commands.

How to backup whole database

How to backup archivelog and control files

How to use the RMAN catalog

How to register and unregister a database to a catalog

How to remove objects from the flashback recovery area

How to recover a database or an object using flashback 

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LESSON # 05:

You will learn:

About the Oracle Replay

Why we need the Oracle Replay

How to capture transactions

How to replay back transactions on another database

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LESSON # 06:

You will learn:

About the Grid Control on the Oracle 11g

What the OMR (Oracle Management Repository) is

What the OMS (Oracle Management Service) is

What the OMA (Oracle Management Agent) is

How to access to the Grid Control console

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LESSON # 07:

You will learn:

About the Oracle 11g Security

How to secure your database that only make connection with your application

How to create a trigger to prevent any accesses from other servers

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LESSON # 08:

You will learn:

More about security and find a checklist recommendation to secure your databases

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LESSON # 09:

You will learn:

About the SYSTEM Partitioning with an example

About the Interval Partitioning with an example

About the Reference Partitioning with an example

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LESSON # 10:

You will learn:

About Partitioning on Virtual Columns with an example

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